Howell South Little League

PO Box 754
Farmingdale, NJ 07727

2014 Minor Division Champions

MANAGER - Pete Morro
Coach - John Askin
Coach - Marty Lorenzo
Coach - Rob Stepiro

2014 9u All Stars

MANAGER - Bob Cleffi
Coach - Carl Vella
Coach - Mike Bilello
Coach - Brian McKenna

2014 10u All Stars

MANAGER - Greg Gallo
Coach - Bob Hough
Coach - Bob Jenkins
Coach - Pete Morro

2014 11u All Stars

MANAGER - Sanj Dave
Coach - Sal Cassone
Coach - Rob Talbot

2014 13u All Stars

MANAGER - John Askin
Coach - Billy Bernard
Coach - Mike Brex
Coach - Jerome Silletti

2014 14u All Stars

MANAGER - Anthony Limaldi
Coach - Bob Jenkins
Coach - Rob DeMarco

2012 14u NJ State Champions

MANAGER - Jeff Steel
Coach - Rob Fey
Coach - John Quinlin
Coach - Jeff Preston

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Hello HSLL,

One of our families is in need of our support. Dakota (Cody) Schick is battling cancer for the second time in a few years. Cody is currently a 7th grader at middle school south, and his brother, Danny, is a sophomore at Howell High School. They have both participated for years in HSLL, and Danny is currently one of our umpires.

The Howell High School lacrosse team, which Danny is a member of, is currently conducting a fundraiser to help support the Schick family in Cody’s courageous battle.

Below is a link that you can click on to show your support for Cody, his family, and the Howell High School lacrosse team with this worthy cause. Please keep in mind there is a time limit on ordering items so do not wait and show your support today!!!!


Thank you in advance for your anticipated support. The Schick family is very appreciative.

Keep Cody in your prayers as well as all of our HSLL community members who are battling illness or hardships of their own.

Thank you again.

HSLL board

Please feel free to contact us at if you know of anyone in need of our support!!


Approved Bats

In 2011, Little League International instituted Rule 1.10 which placed a moratorium on baseball bats that include composite material in the barrel. Some specific models of bats have received waivers of the moratorium.

Any bat simply must:

  1. Meet the specifications of this rule
  2. Not be currently subject to the moratorium referenced in the first paragraph above.


Volunteer Information

All families are required to fulfill a volunteer obligation in the Howell South Little League snack stand. The service required is on a per family basis regardless of how many participants are registered. The volunteer service can only be performed by a member of the family that is over the age of 18…….

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Complex Information

Howell South Little League field is a NO SMOKING complex. We are trying to promote a healthy environment for our children, therefore smoking will not be permitted beyond the snack stand. If you must smoke while at the fields, please do so on the parking lot side of the snack stand. Please refrain from parking on the grassy areas behind the Minor and Junior fields at our complex in Deerfield Park. It is a safety hazard to the children who play in the park and there is always the danger of a batted ball hitting a car…..

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