Howell South Little League
PO Box 754
Farmingdale, NJ 07727

Howell South Little League field is a NO SMOKING complex.  We are trying to promote a healthy environment for our children, therefore smoking will not be permitted beyond the snack stand. If you must smoke while at the fields, please do so on the parking lot side of the snack stand.

Please refrain from parking on the grassy areas behind the Minor and Junior fields at our complex in Deerfield Park. It is a safety hazard to the children who play in the park and there is always the danger of a batted ball hitting a car.


Field Identification

T-Ball Field – Field 5

Pee Wee Field – Field 4

Minor Field – Field 2

Major Field – Field 3

Junior/Senior Field – Field 1

*All field numbers are identified on the exterior fence behind home plate*