(9, 10, & 11 year olds)

The goal in Minor league is to teach baseball fundamentals and team participation. Competitiveness is secondary to providing a variety of playing opportunities in order that all ballplayers properly learn the fundamentals of the game.  The minor league introduces the players to the rules of baseball in that the minor league has umpires that call balls, strikes and outs.  Score is kept for each game and the standings will reflect wins and losses.  Children in the minor league will pitch (under the guidelines of a pitch count), and steal bases. All of the rules of baseball apply to the minor division with some slight restrictions that promote a competitive balance.  At the conclusion of the regular season, a playoff format is introduced that incorporates all teams.  This is a double elimination tournament that will crown a minor division champion at its conclusion.

At the conclusion of the playoff tournament, All Star teams will be picked, based on the All Star selection process, for both the 9 year old and 10 year old teams.

The Commissioner for the Minor Division is Anthony Sicilliano, who can be reached at: info@HowellSouthLL.com


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